Marketing Concepts / Strategic Marketing

If your looking to Learn about the marketing concepts Then your in the right place! Finding The concepts of marketing that best suit your business style Could make or break you! you must Find and follow what works best for you and your business type!

This is known as doing "strategic marketing"In a way that is Going to benefit your business success!

Start Out with analyzing your business! You need to figure out for your self what is the best [concept of marketing] you should use for the kind of business you are in!

This is going to be based off of your customer needs ! Thats always going to be the most important part in any marketing concepts Plan!

Your customer needs is the base that you wrap your strategy and planning around!

Marketing strategy

Marketing Structure and Strategy Planning!

If you follow a strategy and plan it out carefully then you are more likely to succeed!

Using "Strategic Marketing" Is very important!

You have to show the customers that you have the solution for what ever problem it may be that they have.

You need to let your potential customers know that your product offers a great solution for that problem what ever it may be , and how it's going to solve their problem.

You must start with


You must motivate your self and Set short and long term Goals for your self !

You Have to want and need to succeed in achieving Those Goals!!!

You need to Find your marketing plan!

You need to Think about How your going to drive those customers to your product or services! 

On a  Budget that your going to still make money!!!

This is known as a marketing strategy!


Is your Product or Service something that is going to get you repeat business from a happy customer?


Or are you selling a piece of garbage that they should not buy to begin with?

Make sure you research your products or services , Or what ever it maybe your selling , And use that to drive your sale!

Use these products or services your self even! so you can Tell them what they will benefit from buying and using your product!!!


So start off using a Product Strategy , And A good Business Plan!!!

Use the marketing concepts That Best suit your business type !

You need to Identify the most effective [concept of marketing] !!!

You Have To Think About How you're going to market this product or service?

You Have to find for your self that "strategic marketing" plan , That is more than likely Going to achieve your Goals and stick with it!!!

How Are You Going To Get Your Targeted Customers To Come To You?

There are so many marketing strategies you could use To bring targeted customers to you!!!

An example of this would be , If your using a website or Blog or any kind of online business you could go with Social Marketing!

This is growing Very fast right now!

This is using sites like facebook , Twitter , Pinterest And Google+ , Digg , reddit and many many more!

Or Another Good marketing Strategy is Search Marketing

Which Can Be  free or paid Advertising

Free Advertising is Great But All So Takes A Lot Of Time Doing On And Off Page SEO!

You'll Need To Build Lots Of Quality BackLinks And Have Original Quality Content Too!

Reather It's Paid or Free Advertising These strategies will bring Targeted Traffic To You! 

These are great ways to market your products Online!

You could Write a review on Your product or services , And use It for a Press Release or  Article or place it in your blog! This is a really great ways to Make Your marketing concepts Work for you !

Article Marketing is a great advantage for marketing your product and for targeted traffic!!!

In your review you will list what it does and why its going to be the best product for them.

Use (preselling), Preselling is a very important part of "strategic marketing" Never just jump right into the sale!

Let the Product sell it self!!!

You could all so build an e-mail list and use email marketing!

You Do This by offering a free product or service , And in return they sign up for your List!

The trick for this strategy is to keep your free product based on what your selling. this keeps your list Targeted to your products or services!!!

This is an effective Marketing solution , Or you could build an affiliate program to have others help you sell your products or services!

But if you don,t have a website or Blog , you could always use different types of advertising, such as phone books, newspapers , catalogs , Direct mail ads , Fairs and events!

But dont forget advertising is just a part of marketing, You must Presell your products or services !!! These are all a [concept are marketing].

You still must have a Marketing Strategy To Use These.

Like if you used the news paper you need to write a sales add to put in the news paper!

So you would need a marketing strategy of how your going to get people to respond to This add!

The marketing concepts is something you should find and learn on your own!

You have to find your own way! The best way That suits Your business And the kind of products and services your Marketing!

I'm not telling you to go out on a limb and do something that's never ever been done before , But Find what's going to work for you, and go with it!

You should always stick with "strategic marketing" , Follow your plans! And know your Product business!


You need to sound like and be an expert on the basics of your business!

You have to gain the trust of your customers!!! Trust is the difference of a sell or no sell!!!

Its Very important To be sure that what you claim about your products or services is true!

Think about how you would look at your product if someone else was trying to sell It to you!

Not just that , but in the way that you are trying to selling it to them. Would You Buy It?

You have to create your own "strategic marketing" plan with multiple [concepts of marketing]

Don't just go with one marketing concept Strategy And think your going to succeed!!!

(Be Creative)

You have to find what Marketing Concepts work!

A big company or corporation would run Multiple strategies for selling their products!

Such as , T.V. advertising , Radio , article Marketing Reviews , brochures , demonstrations , and every thing else we talked about above.

There are lots of ways you can market any product you want to!

But like i said if you don,t have a solution to your customers problem they wont buy it!

If your looking for ways to market your business on line , Check out the rest of my website!!!

There are lots of strategic marketing ideas and marketing concepts threw out the pages!

I hope this helped you come up with a marketing plan.

Thanks for reading what i write!!!

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