"What Is Niche Marketing"

What is niche marketing ? Niche Marketing is Taking A whole big Product line, and focusing on Marketing one specific Part of that product line. That is a [niche product] Niche marketing Is a way for a small business To make money with out having to compete so much against the big corporations. You put all your focus on a small direct market.

Niche marketing example #1 An example, of niche marketing Would be, Craftsman tools, now since craftsman tools has such a huge line of tools , like power tools, drills, and saws, nail guns, Wet vac's, Hand Tools, and so on. So That means that they are way to big to be considered a [niche product] , But if you just take one part of their product line, such a Drill. and you just Market That. Then that would be considered a [niche product] . And that would be what niche marketing is

What is niche marketing / Niche marketing example #2 Just to make sure you Really understand What niche marketing is. ill Give you another example of niche marketing . This time lets say Its electronics. There are so many kinds of electronics, such as cell phones, tablets, d.v.d players, c.d. players and so on that you could not use electronics as a [niche product]. Niche marketing is taking one of those Like a cell phone and making that your [Niche product]. So now you Tell me what is niche marketing ?

Hopefully now you know The answer to the question, what is niche marketing , and how to pick a [niche product], Here is a [niche product] / niche marketing example of how to use niche marketing. Lets say You are going to market A cell phone, as your [niche product] , So you could Write a Review On 2 of them. Lets say the I-phone, and the android , You are going to compare the two of them, with what all there features are and how they compare to each other. Look on the search engines to see what people are looking for the most. Remember High demand ,Low supply! check out what people are saying and add all that in your review. Post your review on blog networks, and leave a link to your site in it . you could have a affiliate link for e-bay or click bank, or where ever you want to be able to sell that phone from ,or who ever gives you a better commission Rate. So Good luck on marketing your [niche product]

and If you have not found your keywords yet or your[Niche product] These tools on this page is great software, and takes the risk out of doing the research yourself, and its at a push of a button, Its nice when the lazy way is the best way!!!

For marketing your product ,I normally go with Article marketing, and reviews ,Using Article Directories Or the article marketing robot, Which is great To submit my Articles for back links it distributes 1800 backlinks to high pr sites at the push of a button , once again the easy way is one of the best!!! or I use my email lists and send it threw a link To a squeeze page , But This New software Income Hybrid Is unreal!!!! The email list This Thing Will generate , and how fast it does it ,Is Insane!!! This Thing is changing my strategy all together. , Check it out for sure!!! UNREAL!!!

Thanks for reading this, and i hope it helped you understand what niche marketing is , If you read the rest of my site it will help you out on blogging, link building, and doing research for your [niche product], on search engines.

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